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9th Edition of Global Conference on

Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems

June 12-13, 2023 | Rome, Italy

Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery

Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery

Proteins are huge molecules that are made up of one or more amino acids in a specific order. Protein and peptide aid in the delivery of drugs to their intended sites of action. Many areas of biopharmaceutical process development have been investigated by researchers over the last two decades. Most therapeutic proteins have been researched, and the problems connected with cell culture, purification, recovery, and fermentation have been overcome. The rapid advancement of biotechnology, as well as advances in peptide and protein chemistry, enabled for the mass production of several substances, allowing for their widespread use in medical therapy. Proteins and peptides play an important part in biological processes as regulators in the majority of cases, but not all.

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